All in Web, All to Web
GotoHTTP - A new generation of remote control platform, the easiest to use tool.
Step 2
Type the remote Computer Id and Access Code, then start control now. All type of mobile and desktop pc OS supported.
Computer Id:
Access Code:
Step 1
Download GotoHTTP to remote computer,and run it. You will see the Computer Id and Access Code.
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Powerful,Easiest To Use
Different from traditional remote control tools which work in C2C mode,GotoHTTP works in B2C mode. You don't have to deploy software on each computer. No matter where your are,with a browser,you can access remote computers. You can control other computers or be controlled by others even only web network port is opened. File Transfer,Unattended Access,Clipboard,Audio,Multiple monitors supported ......
Access from Mobile
Remotely control your device from mobile with using Web browser,no APP installation required either. Zoom-in,zoom-out,scroll view easily,and supports 2 kinds of control modes:Touch Mode and Mouse Mode. Touch Mode allows you to click target quickly;Mouse Mode allows you to position mouse pointer accurately.
Wake On Lan,Device Management
Sign up to manage your computers and bind WOL box. One click to wake up or control remote computer,

Cross-platform Access
Benefit by B2C mode,you can access remote computers from any type of OS including mobile device without additional software installation requirement. You can even access non-rooted android devices,and remotely run Shell and Logcat.
Secure &Reliable
Security &Privacy has always been our priority. Your remote computer is always connected with secure connection;and local computer run in sand box of web browser,nothing can be harmful to your local computer,100%security &reliability guarantee.