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Brings Your Computers to Web!

GotoHTTP is a remote control tool that allows you to access remote computer in web browser of desktop pc or mobile device. Please click the link above to download GotoHTTP program to the computer which you want to control remotely,and run it. You will see the Computer Id and Access Code. Fill them in the form above,then click button 'Start Control'.

Note:You do not need to install software or plugin on the controller side,even it is a mobile device.

Recent Updates
GotoHTTP 5.2 for Linux is available,fix some bugs. Needs to update GotoHTTP。
Fix the bug that linux edition of remote computer can't be clicked or double-clicked on mobile device.Needs to update GotoHTTP。
Improving the experience and supporting mouse wheel on mobile device,which makes operation easier and smoother on mobile device. Does not need to update GotoHTTP software. View Details
Fix the bug that remote cursor can't be displayed for Linux edition.Needs to update GotoHTTP。
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